Welcome To...CTACS Animation

The Central Texas Amiga Computing Society

Next meeting: Thursday, September 1, 2016, 6:30 pm

It will be at Conan's Pizza on Burnet Rd at Anderson Lane.
A run down of last meeting may be viewed.

The Central Texas Amiga Computing Society is your source for camraderie in Austin, Texas. We are a group of die-hard, gregarious, Amiga enthusiasts with a wide variety of computing interests, including Internet, Games, Desktop Publishing and Word Processing, Graphics... all the usual stuff that gets any Amiga going. Now and then our meetings feature a program by one of our members, though mostly it is to eat and chat.

Join us each 1st Thursday at 6:30pm at Conan's Pizza (except for December). They have given us an area to ourselves with an electrical outlet. With "OS4.1 Final Edition" amongst us we have an AmigaOne and an X1000 and... eating.

Some of us with posters from Petro

Join us; membership is free.

Contact our President, Charlie Boas, by email via <his first name> at BoasFamily.com, for more details. It'd be great to see you at our next meeting.

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