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January 3, 2000
Good turn out for the new year. Rocco Yanotti
He demonstrated Amiga voice control
ctacs299 Celebrated at Hut's
Around the table: Scott & Nadine Walton, Mark Thomas, George Wyche, Steven Folberg, Charlie Boas, Don Kassebaum and Rocco Yanotti.


OS3.5 Demonstration

OS3.5 Members Members Don K.


June 13, 2000 Meeting
Don Kassebaum sporting an Amiga T-Shirt
June 27 The usual PigSig at Conan's on 29th near Guadalupe. Don Kassebaum, Steven Folberg, Mark Thomas and Carol Wyche.


November 28

Steven Folberg, Rodney McNeel, Don Kassebaum (sitting) and Henry Sterzing.


December 19

Milto's at 29th and Guadalupe was the site of our Christmas Party this year.

On the left there are Rocco, Henry and Don. The right shows us around the table starting at the lower left: Skipper Smith, Carol Wyche, Kathleen and Charlie Boas, Rocco Yanotti, Henry Sterzing and Don Kassebaum.

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