CTACS 2004-06-21 meeting

Attending were Keith, Serozha, John, Don and George.

After a thorough round of salad, beer and pizza we got down to more than just commiseration about Don's still being unemployed and the lack of an OS4 CD. John had purchased a $9 PCMCIA D-Link from Fry's and he installed it and attempts were made to find some nearby WiFi signal. That didn't happen, but neither did we demonstrate that it was working, so that will have to wait until later.

John hadn't forgotten Serozha's request for a monitor that would show off his XBox "shoot-em-ups" better than the TV at home. The old Amiga monitors are true RGB and surely enough, though the screen was too small for Serozha's liking, the color and resolution were a delight. Since John is the next youngest among us it was up to him to exercise his reflexes against the enemy.

Keith, Don and I searched out the remaining missing MUI entities and by the end of a long evening had YAM2.4 doing absolutely everything it was supposed to do. That and finding and making available his .addressbook that he felt resigned to reentering by hand.

After announcing an impending end to the evening so Serozha and John could cool down, we started work on Excellence!, Keith's old wordsmith program, which indeed crashes his machine every time you try to start it. That will be a topic for another time.

Once we'd packed up and left Conan's, Don, John and I walked the laptop toward Schlotzky's trying to get a signal. We stopped at the ditch next to Anderson Lane with the fast food place immediately across the street and it still wouldn't register a signal. John will look into it all in the next day or so.

With that we all parted. John gave Don a ride home. The cool, breezy evening felt just great.

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