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January 15 attendees The 2015 Amiga Future Nr. 113
March 5 attendees The 2015 Amiga Future Nr. 113, STILL!
April 2 attendees The ailing A2000 of Mr. Lachlan Orr, and the 2015 Amiga Future Nr. 114
May 7 attendees Pretty full evening for a "no agenda" meeting!
June 4 Joe Teakell shows the latest AROS desktop on a Gateway laptop.
July 2 attendees Joe Teakell brought a Pentium 3 laptop with open source ReactOS, a "Windows" act alike, which hosts AROS. That plus pictures from New Mexico.
August 6 attendees The main course of the meeting was the plethora of keyboards we face in our daily lives.
September 3 attendees No agenda that can be recalled.
October 1 attendees Oceaneering ROVs; 50 foot floppies; election warning
November 5 attendees Alas, the Amiga Future has not arrived.

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