CTACS 2004-01-19

Attending: Charlie Boas, John Harron, Don Kassebaum, Keith and Sergei Sterzing, and George Wyche.

Keith brought his A3000 for us to figure out why AWeb won't handle secure web sites and why YAM refuses with a "Cannot create application". We failed him on both fronts, but now have a list of 4 things for Keith to find out before the next meeting.

John Harron brought his A2000 which would no longer boot. He disassembled it and checked out the power supply. That is not the problem. That was as far as we got. The video never showed anything except pale gray.

George Wyche brought his lightning struck A1200. Its power supply seems to be in good shape, however, more often than not, a bright red screen (or an utterly dark screen) would appear. Holding down both mouse buttons made no difference. Removing the mouse, the accelerator, and the harddrive showed no difference.

Total bust! Even "Wizardry" brought by John won't load on Keith's otherwise healthy computer. We think the program probably IS running on the regular video port instead of the graphics board which has the monitor.

Boy we surely did have a lot of fun, beer and pizza, though.

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