CTACS 2004-02-16 meeting

George Wyche arrived at Conan's first, plopped down all the A1200 gear he could muster and headed off for the buffet and beer. By the time he got back Charlie Boas was in line, John Harron and his friend Pete were setting up a Commodore 64.

This was a great meeting. John Harron, et. al., had been toying with building a joystick for sometime and finally put a soldering iron to wires: model 1, serial # 1. After describing the trial and tribulations of getting the thing into existance we gave it a try with PACMAN. Everybody got a try at it, entitling them to criticise and fantasize about what might be possible along these lines.

With one success under out belts we set about trying to put together a A1200 from George's assemblage of parts. First we transferred parts from the one struck by lightning over to the one George had abandoned some years ago for reasons no longer clear. Much to our amazement the reassembled A1200 did all the tests we had equipment to try. Newsgroups through THOR again! would be possible.

As we began to pack stuff up, Don Kassebaum arrived and we got the group photo before calling it an evening.

We all agreed that meeting at Conan's is THE way to do this as long as we don't get loud and boisterous. Since it seems like lately we've been doing more and more hardware related stuff, there was a consensus that we should lean on Bo Zimmerman to rejoin us once in a while. Its been over a year since we got to see his Commodore collection and we've been reading about the c-one being in the same position as the Amiga-one: hardware is going great ... where's the software!

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