CTACS 2004-11-15 meeting

The meeting/PigSIG brought out Charlie and Chris Boas, John Harron, Don Kassebaum, Keith and Serozha Sterzing, and George Wyche.

The biggest news is that Don has a contract job for the next few months and that means he'll probably be able to save his house from the chopping block. John warned him that often that company cuts the contracts short (read the fine print).

My AmigaOne's OS4pre-update brought out a blight in the hardware that affects most AmigaOnes; cpu instability brought about by low voltage. If raised, then the cpu cooling is insufficient. The other problem is lack of DMA because of a glitch in the "superchip" which also handles ethernet communication. The only solution is purchase of separate PCI card. None of this was accomplished by this meeting, so my AmigaOne stayed home.

Keith still could not use his CyberGraphics hardware so he brought it for us to have another go at. George had gathered encouraging information gleaned from the web by other CyberGraphics users.

However, try as we may we failed. We did get the screen selection menu to appear through the card, but nothing we tried would ever satisfy the OS3.9 GUI operation.

To the hurrahs of the younger members of the group we voted to hold our Dec. 20th meeting at Dave & Buster's from 6:30-8pm.

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