Attending were Don no job Kassebaum, George no pay Wyche, John Harron, Charlie re-org Boas, and after a PTA engagement, Keith worthless AmigaSterzing.

    Keith didn't show up until the required magic had been done to his machine. It was like this. Earlier this week Keith gave me his machine to find out why his email downloads were taking 1/2 hour. Last month we had tried to figure it out without being able to attach a phone line, but nothing seemed out of the place then. From my house I would be able to have access to a phone line. Yes, but...

    I turned on the machine and though I could get to a shell window by access to the quick launch bar, double clicking the hard disk icons on the workbench just stared at me. I couldn't get to any programs to launch! That coupled with the horrid colors at this resolution (his CVision card is not working either, so its back to 8 colors at the moment) and facing the Dvorak keyboard I really felt hamstrung. So I brought it to the meeting for help. I also brought a PC keyboard hoping to replace the Dvorak one while its in my possession.

    After a beer and salad, and on my 3rd slice of pizza I saw Don at the A3000. Faced with the same problem I had, he figured out that you could select the harddisk icon, right click on [icons][open]. Head slap, "Oh yeah... that way!". Then he went straight to [Prefs][Input]. Inspite of the horridly colored screen John could see from 7 ft away that the double click time slider was bottomed out. No wonder I could double click the icons; I'd have to had to hit that puppy twice in 2 milliseconds.

    That solved, John stayed my hand as I went to plug in the PC keyboard.. and thereby saved Keith's A3000 from a serious insult.

    About then Keith showed up and we reviewed the progress, verified that his CVision had not miraculously begun working and called it an evening.

    My hope was to get the equipment back home in time be done with it before lights out at home, now that I could get at his programs.

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