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January 18 attendees We reviewed AmigaFuture Nr. 82, talked about the OS4.1 update (OS4.1.1), the new X1000 hardware promised for 2010, Pizza, salad, beer
February 15 attendees Rodney McNeel livens up the show.
March 15 attendees We reviewed Amiga Future Nr. 83
April 19 attendees We had the Amiga Future Nr 83 again and an 8 page print out on the Sam640ex + John Herron brought a Commodore PET 8240
And... pizza, salad, and for those who want.. beer
May 17 attendees George brought the new Amiga Future Nr 84.
June 21 Just pizza, salad, and for those who want.. beer unless, something else comes on the scene.
July 19 attendees Amiga Future Nr 85 will be available for reading.
August 19 attendees George will bring a article about Atari's attempts to regain stature. We'll compare it to the Amiga.
September 23 attendees Amiga Future Nr. 86 will be shown.
October 21 attendees John did bring his attache case computer and we talked strategy about bringing this KIM computer back online.
November 18 attendees The Nov. 5 AmigaFuture arrived and I brought it to the meeting.
December 16 attendees The 2010 Christmas party at Korean Grill

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