CTACS General meeting for February 4, 2016


The meeting was well attended with George(taking photo), John, Charlie, Mark, Joe, Jack, Taylor, Alex, Dee, Kathleen, and Sarah.

George brought the latest Amiga Future that had our XMas card to Amiga Future. It made interesting reading as they translated it to German and then translated the German translation back to English for the English printing.

Alex came with a G5 desktop and a 15" Powerbook G4 laptop running MorphOS 3.9 on them. The laptop had a bad battery that kept it from restarting, Alex has since replaced the battery and promises to bring it to another meeting to show us MorphOS running on it. The desktop ran Deluxe Paint IV AGA, Imagine FP and some other apps.

The new Icaros Desktop WIP was installed on a Gateway Pentium 3 laptop by Joe and brought to the meeting. This is a prerelease of the next version of the Icaros Desktop and as we 'kicked the tires' we found some of the problems with it. It will be interesting to try it again with the released vesion.

Charlie had the second batch of Amiga hardware and software in the back of his pickup. This batch had A2000s, monitors and software.

The meeting adjourned around 8:05 and we took flashlights to look at the hardware in Charlie's truck. Jack and Taylor took it home to see what could be salvaged.

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