CTACS General meeting for April 7, 2016


The meeting was attended with Charlie(taking photo), Joe, John, Alex, Mark, George, and Kathleen.

George brought the 2016 Amiga Future Nr. 119 magazine to the meeting.

Mark talked about his new work responsibilities while we waited for the food and received comments/advise from the group..

Joe passed out Free Expo Hall Plus Pass to the May 16-19 OSCON in Austin that he received from O'Reilly. They have a discount code to use when registering. There was some discussion about the amount of Amiga related software that would be there.

Alex showed the laptop with a new battery and MorphOS installed that he had brought to the February meeting. Charlie brought his G4 for Alex to upgrade MorphOS and add new UI features on it.

Alex brought a batch of Amiga software and hardware for anyone to take home with them.

The meeting adjourned around 8:05 with Alex still working on Charlie's G4 MorphOS computer. Alex took it home to complete the upgrade and will bring it back next meeting.

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