CTACS General meeting for May 5, 2016


The meeting was attended with Dee(taking photo), George, Kathleen, Charlie, John, Mark, and Joe.

George didn't receive his Amiga Future magazine before the meeting this month.

There were discussions about the upcoming OSCON in Austin later in the month while we waited for the food. Also since the meeting was the day after May 4 (May the 4th Be With You) Kathleen asked if anyone had Star Wars Day activites yesterday. Somehow this discussion turned to Star Trek and the Klingon language.

Alex didn't make the meeting with Charlie's G4 that he was upgrading MorphOS and adding new UI features on it. He is planning to bring it to the June meeting.

John brought a PSP with the Vice emulator installed and running C64 software.

The meeting adjourned around 8:05.

OSCON Field Trip

O'Reilly provided Free Expo Hall Plus Pass to the May 16-19 OSCON in Austin. Linked are some pages and photos of the OSCON Expo Hall.

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