CTACS General meeting for August 4, 2016

The meeting was attended by George (taking the photo) Charlie, Mark, Joe, Dee(not in photo), Kathleen, and Matt.

Matt Lee graced us with an impromptu visit. He is and has been active in GNU.org related matters for all of this century. As a computer code programmer, he has been around.

He brought an (old) Motorola lapDock 100 with a Raspberry Pi (zero) that he had attached to it. I(George) confess that I was totally engrossed talking to Kathleen, but nearly got into a panic when I realized we were about out of declared meeting time! I feel like I was your typical journalist, flying about, taking photos... of what? I did not know!

See a Raspberry Zero instead of my blurry picture. The Motorola lapDock 100 video for more about this setup. Add another abstraction of Tetris with Tetrominos just below polyomino.

Matt suggested OutReachy to help fund starry eyed interns for the FSF, Free Software Foundation.

Matt is a pleasure to meet... knowledgeable, open, and humble. We are looking forward to seeing more of what he is doing with his Motorola lapDock 100 and a Raspberry Pi (zero) setup.

The meeting adjourned around 8:05.

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