CTACS General meeting for July 7, 2016

The meeting was attended by George (taking the photo), Joe, Charlie, Kathleen and Dee.

While waiting for the food orders, many jokes for 10 year olds were told for the benefit of George. He laughed himself silly.

Joe and others were asked about a strategy for getting someone familiar with a different database application to accept it to use on his own. The conversation morphed into a discussion of when does a database become more that a toy and when would a database approach not be worth the maintenance and .... what all?

Joe and Dee got a free "dish" when Conan's failed to have their order put into the oven due to "cook's oversight". Sure enough, about the time they had shared it with the group-their PIZZA showed up.

The meeting adjourned around 8:05 to allow George to ride home on his recumbent bicycle and beating the dusk home by about 5 minutes.

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