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Jan 16 No program, just beer and pizza
Feb 20 AmigaOne OS4preUpdate4 talk is planned The CTACS gang
Mar 20 AmigaOne with OS4preUpdated, continued The CTACS gang
Apr 17 YAM2.4 on AmigaOne and Amiga3000. StarAm Plan spreadsheet The CTACS gang
May 15 Thanks to the games forum I got "Power Manga" to operate using the full screen. Conan's, Keith, Don
Jun 19 ppmplot, the only open source plotting program for the Amiga written in c. Meeting minutes
Jul 17 No program 3 pictures from July 17, 2006 CTACS meeting
Aug 21 Keith Sterzing: webmail, AWeb usps form, & YAM highlighted URLs 5 pictures from August 21, 2006 CTACS meeting
Sep 18 Colantro emulator, YAM2.5 (beta), and answers by Bill McEwen A picture from September 18, 2006 CTACS meeting
Oct 16 AmiWest rundown, X11, The Gimp, ImageMagik and more answers by Bill McEwen CTACS Round table from October 16, 2006 meeting
Nov 20 Keith's 3000. Miami won't run & Yam's mail is missing CTACs members
Dec 18 CTACS Annual Christmas Dinner
Mongolian Barbeque
CTACs members at the 2006 Christmas Party

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