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Jan 15 CANCELLED! due to ice on the roads.
Feb 19 beer and pizza thumbnail of attendees
Mar 19 CEBIT report about Commodore Inc.'s appearance thumbnail of attendees
Apr 16 Amiga news, good cheer, but no program. thumbnail of attendees
May 21 Parting toast to Don Kassebaum, RIP 2007-05-12.
Amiga Inc. vs. Hyperion
New Amiga computers.
thumbnail of attendees
June 18 Roger Clark appearance
Amiga Inc. vs. Hyperion.
thumbnail of attendees
July 16 flist-ahi-exe, AmigaRoundTable, Python2.5.1, Amiga Tcl, UniLibDev, Tower Toppler, BOFH, Privacy taxonomy thumbnail of attendees
August 20 Wedding travelogue. Camera battery revelations. Presentation of how programs for OS4 come to be. thumbnail of remaining attendees
September 17 Suggestions for an auto background slide show program. TuxPuck and Pachi El Marciano games for AmigaOS4 thumbnail of remaining attendees
October 15 Nominations for officers; George gets a job; Keith's laptop fixed; John Herron & thumbnail of beer, Keith's laptop, and Chris
November 18
  • Bill McEwen "answers" questions posed by AmigaOrg
  • AmiWest 2007 in Sacramento Events
  • Amiga Future Magazine
  • New games folder icon
  • Yet Another clone of a game for AmigaOS4
thumbnail of attendees
December 17 Our Christmas Party for 2007 at the home of Mark Thomas and Woo Young Hwang up in Pflugerville. thumbnail of attendees

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