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January 22 attendees Welcome to TUESDAYS! John Herron & Bo Zimmerman showed off a Commodore SX-64 in its 30th year.
February 19 attendees Agenda: We celebrated with Amiga Future #100
March 19 attendees Agenda: Amiga Future #101
April 16 Agenda: Amiga Future #101 from last month.
May 21 attendees Amiga Future #102 and a new member: Alex Chaney.
June 18 attendees Agenda: Giving away a MorphOS loaded Mac Pro G4
July 16 Conan's Pizza (North) Agenda: Amiga Future #103 wherein CTACS gets specific mention and Texas anecdotes abound.
August 20 attendees Agenda: Amiga Future #103 AGAIN.
September 17 attendees
October 15 attendees Amiga Future #104 + Joe Teakell's IBM Thinkpad with AROS on it.
November 19 attendees Amiga Future #105 & discussion of changing the meeting day.
December 19 attendees All elected officials continue in the previous positions for 2014.

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