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January 16 attendees Welcome to THURSDAYS! Friends, pizza, drinks.
Topic for discussion: data backup/restore/archiving.
The 2014 Amiga Future was hoped to show up in time, but showed up in Friday's mail.
February 20 attendees The 2014 Amiga Future Magazine #106 for perusal.
March 20 attendees George brought the #107 Amiga Future.
April 17 attendees George brought his AmigaOne and the #107 Amiga Future.
May 15 attendees Picture by Mark.
June 19 attendees Picture by Paul.
July 17 attendees Wyches return. George brings Amiga Futures.
August 21 attendees Summer winds to a close, even if its 35o C.
September 18 attendees George brings Amiga Future Nr 110
October 16 attendees Fun times
November 20 attendees George brings Amiga Future Nr 111
December 18 attendees Holiday Party at Stiles Switch BBQ

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