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January 21 thumbnail of attendees Pizza, salad, beer and Vern Graner
February 18 thumbnail of attendees Agenda:
  • Repair YAM on Keith's Amiga3000
  • LinCity-NG
  • KoboDeluxe
  • Amiga Future magazine - issue Nr. 70
  • News: Classic Amiga on new hardware
March 17 thumbnail of attendees Agenda: FIX YAM, please!
April 21 thumbnail of attendees Agenda: Look at Skipper Smith's cast of Amiga items
May 19 thumbnail of attendees except Charlie Boas Agenda:
  • Amiga Future magazine - issue Nr. 72
  • Amitopia TV #5 - an Amiga video magazine
  • Possible help for K.Sterzing and YAM 2.5's png datatype
  • Possible "new to me" game to play
June 16 thumbnail of attendees Agenda: milkyTracker
July 21 thumbnail of attendees Agenda:
  • Amiga Future Nr. 73
  • Announcement of OS4.1
August 18 thumbnail of attendees Agenda:
  • Alex Bartonek with MorphOS 2 on an Efika
  • Alex's Classic Amiga give away.
  • Amiga OS4.1 preview
September 15 thumbnail of attendees Open Source 3D Modeling and Animation
October 20 thumbnail of Chris and Charlie Boas Agenda:
  • Amiga OS4.1 demonstration
  • Radeon 9250 graphics card show off
  • ImageFX4.5 minor demonstration
  • Amiga Future Nr. 74 that we didn't look at last meeting
  • Sam440 + OS4.1 description
  • A wrap-up report of AmiWest from whatever they show via streaming audio and/or video. (See's "Recent News" for details about how *YOU* can participate).
November 17 thumbnail of Chris, David and Charlie Agenda:
  • Amiga Future Nr. 75 made it out in time for the meeting
December 15 thumbnail of Charlie, Chris, and Keith Agenda: Nut'n

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